A Few Interesting Facts About The History Of The Colorado River

When many people hear about the Colorado River, the first thing they think of is the Grand Canyon. There are some great river rafting experiences that await you if you ever visit this river. The Colorado River has been featured in many movies, it has had a major impact on the art world. What do you know about the Colorado River?

Did you know that it’s over 1,450 miles long? That’s a pretty long river, and as you can imagine, that means it crosses through four states, not just Colorado. Do you know what those states are? They are California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. The river does start in Colorado though.

The deepest part of the river is 90 feet, but that’s an exception. The average depth is a better indication of what to expect, and that number is 20 feet. It is said that the Colorado River has been working on helping to form the Grand Canyon for over six million years. I think the Earth is much younger than that, but it’s still interesting how it has carved out this hot spot for tourists, one that looks truly magnificent.

Were you aware that the Hoover Dam is actually on the Colorado River? It sometimes gets overlooked because of the Grand Canyon, but there are so many different experiences you can have while traveling this river. As a matter of fact, going down the Colorado River from the state of Colorado, the elevation would drop by over a mile as you continue to travel along.

When you think about whitewater rafting, are you thinking about an excursion that lasts a day? Imagine going on a rafting trip that lasted an entire week. That is what the Colorado River can offer you and more.