Clean Air and Water: A Quick Guide

The Colorado River is one of the most expansive, prolific rivers across the Southwestern United States. This 1.450 mile long river stretches across seven of the states of the United States along with two Mexican states. The body of water starts in the Rocky Mountains, and ends in the Gulf of California, the Colorado River supplies over 40 million residents with the water that it needs.

First of all, it gives many Southwestern cities the water it needs for a wide variety of reasons. The water that the river gives these cities is used for residential reasons. People use the water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, watering their lawn, and much more. The people of the Southwest are fortunate to have such a great water source to use.

Next, the Colorado River supplies many companies with the water they need, too. This is used for production purposes, along with the same reasons residential users use the water. We spoke with the owner of an HVAC company (Alpine Air Care), and he was telling us that because of the river, it allows corporate users to have a nice source of water to use as they need. This has brought many different companies into the area and allows them to stay and be productive.

The Colorado River is a beautiful body of water that is helpful in many ways. Not only is it used for enjoyment as many people raft, swim, and fish in it, but it also supplies water to many cities. Because it is such an important part of providing water to so many people and companies, it is important to keep the river healthy and safe. You can find ways to protect the river and make sure that it will be usable for people in the near and far future and for many years to come.